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Billie Bear provides many opportunities for walking or hiking right from your front door. Our three trails – Red, Blue, and Yellow – wander through some 90 acres of Billie Bear property and extend onto Crown land, exploring woodland, swamp, and pond. All begin at the trailhead just across the Billie Bear Road from our centre driveway, and they connect to offer a variety of routes.

Our Red Trail is an easy loop of 0.8 km that offers a vantage point across the swamp and skirts one shore of small Jackson Lake, home to beaver, moose, deer, and ducks. Ferns, unusual toadstools, and a variety of mosses grow in a mixed forest of white and yellow birch, fir, hemlock, and spruce.

Trail entrance

BB trail head

Finding a Frog

Fall swamp

Towards Jackson Lake

The Blue Trail (2.2 km), more rugged in places, starts at a foot bridge below the beaver dam and circles Jackson Lake, with a number of good viewing spots through the cedars that line the shore. You’ll see chewed trees where beaver have been at work. The trail passes an old beaver lodge on the shore and several interesting rock formations. Have a rest at the picnic table at the upper end of the lake and climb the ladder to the tree house near the shore. Watch for deer, moose, or fox prints where the ground is soft.

Rock cliff Bridge to Blue Trail Tree House lookout
Rock cliff Shelter Rock Bridge to Blue Trail Tree House lookout

A short, steep climb from the picnic table takes you to the upper beaver pond on our Yellow Trail, where another beaver dam holds back the water. The Yellow Trail (2.5 km) meanders through higher ground, with more hardwood such as birch and maple. The trail plays tag with an old logging road and touches Brook’s Lake Road at its most easterly loop, then doubles back past a stone chimney, all that is left of a former Billie Bear cabin called Hob Nob, to join the Red Trail not far from the trailhead.

Creek in spring flood Beaver dam Yellow Trail Chimney Upper pond

Creek in spring flood

Beaver dam

Hob Nob on the hill

Upper pond