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Billie's Trails

Trail entrance on the bridge Rec Hall and Lodge falls in spring flood
Trail head On the bridge Dam and Jackson Lake Falls in spring flood
Red trail, Jackson Lake Rec Hall and Lodge Rec Hall and Lodge Shelter Rock
Red trail Jackson Lake Beaver dam Tree house Shelter Rock
Yellow Trail Chimney The results of beaver at work Boardwalk Moss and toadstools at boardwalk
Chimney Blue trail beaver work Walk on the boardwalk Moss and toadstools
Toadstools Yellow birches From the boardwalk
Toadstools Yellow birches From the boardwalk Ferns, Red Trail
End of Jackson Lake Troll Trail  
End of Jackson Lake Upper beaver pond Troll Trail  

Special Moments

Doors Open Ontario
Relocating the raft Delivering the anchor Tying on the anchor Ready to drop
Boom Sailing School hosted at Billie Bear Ready for the day First tacking lesson Boom Sailing School with audience
Boom Sailing School Boom Sailing School Tacking Everyone is watching
Checking the watercraft Checking the fishing Checking the swimming Beach play
Trying out a new kayak Gull and baby loon Swimming Hard use of beach

Tranquil Moments

Rocks and cattails on the shore ducklings on the beach Evening outside the Court house Heron in Swayne's Bay
Rocks and cattails Ducklings on the beach Evening at Court House Heron in Swayne's Bay
Morning mist on the bay Swayne`s Bay Deer at the shore in Crawford`s Bay Bridge across the Big East River
Morning mist Swayne`s Bay Deer at the shore East River bridge